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I have been experimenting with electronics and radio since high school, even earlier if you count custom slot car building, RC planes, motorcycle and car systems.  Got my Novice class license as WB7OSE in 1976, upgraded to Advanced in 1977 before entering the US Navy. While in the Navy I got married and my wife obtained her Novice license (K1LIE, now KC7IAX). Later I upgraded to Extra when I took my son CJ to a ham fest to get his technician license (KD7OJP).

Since about 2000 I have been focused on VHF+ bands putting in time on satellites, EME, meteor scatter, terrestrial weak signal. I also have participated in a significant number of VHF+ contests, often as a rover or portable station.

Outside of my 8 years in the Navy as nuclear trained electrician in submarines I have lived in Washington State. In 2016 I moved to Florida working on recreational luxury yacht electronics. In 2018 I retired and now split my time between Camano Island, WA (CN88sf) and Bradenton, FL (EL87sm) and travels in our RV.  Both homes are set up with remote controllable radio stations covering HF through 1296, with 5.7GHz and 10GHz portable stations.

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